An abdominal exam as a type of heath exam technique chiropractor eagan

Having an abdominal examination performed on you is a sure way of ensuring that your abdomen is in a good health condition. It is, however, important to note that performing a medical examination on a child may be a little more challenging compared to doing it on adults. However, it is advisable that before this is done, children should undergo more physical tests so that the medical expert is able to figure out what the problem really is.

Different indications

An abdominal examination is considered to be part of a comprehensive examination that can be done to patients of different ages. This kind of examination may either be scheduled, routine or it may be done so as to address any kind of symptoms which may be non-specific like weight loss, nausea, lethargy, fever and loss of appetite. It is also very important for an abdominal examination to be carried out on a patient who has undergone any kind of abdominal trauma or any kind of generalized trauma that may involve any of the abdominal organs.

If there is any kind of intestinal pathology that may be life-threatening to the patient like perforation, volvulus, obstruction or ischemia, then it is highly advisable that there isn’t any kind of physical examination done on the patient so that the doctor is able to avoid or minimize any kind of morbidity and also be able to avoid mortality.


There is no kind of contradictions that exist when it comes to the performing of any abdominal examinations. When there is a significant amount of pain, like if a patient is experiencing any kind of peritoneal irritation, ischemia of any abdominal organ like the ovary, testes or the spleen or if there is any kind of stretching of the capsule of the kidney or the liver, then the health expert who is examining the patient is highly advised to use a very gentle approach when handling such a patient. In case there is any kind of splenomegaly that exists, then the medical expert should exercise caution when handling such a situation.


  • Positioning

When performing a medical examination, the patient is supposed to lie in a supine position. Before anything is done, the medical expert should first make sure that their patient is relaxed so that he or she is able to check and see if there is any evidence of any abnormality.

The use of anesthesia is not necessary when it comes to abdominal examination. Making use of sedative medications can only make the abdominal symptoms worsen. It is, however, important that the patient is prepared well before any physical examination can be carried out.

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Expectations during first time in a chiropractic consultation

When one is seeking for chiropractic care or treatment, many people have no idea what they will expect when their meet their doctor for the first time. Some of these people are normally nervous over the whole thing and it is overwhelming to those who may be going thought it for the first time. This is the reason why one will need to know a few of the things that they can expect when they visit a chiropractor.

Many of these doctors have undergone thorough training in order to make them the finest in these forms of treatments. This is what enables them to relieve the patient off their pain with the first few visits that they make to the clinic. They will also make sure that these pains will not come back again in future.

One should take this chance to know everything

When one is in their first visit, this is a very good chance that one has to find out about the doctor and their practices. Rather than worrying about the outcome of the visit and other minor things, a patient should take the advantage to ask questions and have all the doubts cleared by the consultant. These questions should cover all areas such as the diagnosis procedures, treatment program that the doctor has as well as the chiropractic examination. This will help the patient to walk out of the clinic door with more answers rather than questions. Some of these consultation may go for some minutes and one should not allow those minutes to be wasted.

The first chiropractic visit

There are those who like doing the interview over the phone but the most appropriate one is paying them a visit. Most of those who do it over the phone are the ones to who consider it to be a cheaper method rather than the visit. This kind of an interview may not be very effective but it will also present a good chance for the patient to ask for a couple of clarifications. For those who may want to pay them a visit, this will be a good chance for them to acquire and learn all the things that there is to learn about these forms of treatment.

Patient symptoms and history

When one is preparing for their consultation with the doctor, it is possible for one to be asked to fill out a form about their history. This is meant to give the doctor an insight of your past relating with the pain.

The chiropractic exam

This is an exam that involves a few things such as blood tests, pulse, respiration, reflexes and a couple of other things to. They help the doctor to know the kind of problems that the patient may be having and whether there is need to go for further advances tests.


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All you may need to know about chiropractic care by Chiropractor Laguna Niguel

When it comes to chiropractic, not so many people are able to fully understand what it is really about. This kind of health profession is mainly concerned with the treatment, prevention and the diagnosis of different mechanical disorders that are affecting the whole musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic treatment care is also known to also deal with the effects that that are brought about by the disorders. These said disorders mostly affect the nervous system of a patient as well as the general health of the patient as well. Many chiropractors use manual therapies when it comes to giving out treatment and care to their patients which involve using their hands most of the time. The main area that these health professionals may be treating are the muscles, the joints and the bones.

Techniques used

When it comes to spine manipulation, there are a number of different techniques that can be used. However, the chiropractor may only decide to use a certain technique on you depending on the kind of problem you have or where the pain you are feeling is. It is also important to note that the heath professional may change your diet and may also ask you to change certain things about your lifestyle for the sake of your health and during the whole treatment process. The chiropractor may also indicate that you may need to join a rehabilitation program whereby you will be required to do a number of different exercises. There are other treatments like acupuncture which may be offered to patients as an alternative option just in case it is necessary.

Available treatments

Many chiropractors out there mainly focus in the treatment of conditions related to the spine. Some of these conditions may include neck pain and back pain which are very common. However, some chiropractors have claimed to treat other conditions like asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, infant colic and many others.

Do they work?

Chiropractic treatment and care is not considered to be a kind of single treatment since it is considered to be a kind of heath profession. A number of studies have shown that the use of spinal manipulation when it comes to the treatment of back and neck pain has been found to be very effective in many patients out there. It is also a very effective kind of treatment for lower back pain that has worsened and become very persistent. There are other kinds of treatments like physiotherapy, use of painkillers and exercises for patients who are experiencing lower back pain.

Other conditions that chiropractors treat

Below are some of the conditions that chiropractors are said to treat

  • Neck pain and Sciatica and leg pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Pain that is around the knee, ankle, hip and joints
  • Fibromyalgia